plant wonders and items

Real cabinet of curiosities, the Moineau shop offers you an immersion in a place apart, a small setting where juxtaposed plants with original and unusual forms, precious objects as much by their aesthetic aspect as by their often distant origin. Moineau is also a collection of handmade ceramics, unique pieces to sublimate plants as unique.

— plants

A selection of plants ranging from succulent to mosses through amazing species. Each plant is a choice. A real indoor garden for plant lovers as beautiful as curious. The opportunity to break with urban austerity by adding a touch of oxygen and greenery.

— objects

A selection of items found at the option of many trips. Sometimes decorative, sometimes more utilitarian, all of these objects have one thing in common, their beauty. From hand-made woolen blankets, Japanese scissors, incence, or small wooden animals from the Scandinavian countries, Moineau is a real tour of the world for aesthetes !

— ceramic

From time immemorial, man has worked the earth, sometimes to feed himself, sometimes to shape it and to create everyday objects. Moineau offers a selection of ceramics, often craft. From bowl to vase to pot caches, the crush is guaranteed !

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place du Châtelain 28
1050 Brussels

From Monday to Saturday
12.30 pm to 6 pm
phone: +32 (0)2 784 22 24

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